Nov 18, 2016

Happy Friday Everyone!

Another week down and another week closer to the new year! 

On this Five on Friday, I wanted to share five products I absolutely love and use religiously!

A little back story first!

I was introduced to Arbonne by a mommy friend over the summer and after my initial hesitation, I fell in love with the products and even became an Independent Consultant!

In a nutshell Arbonne offers premium botanically-based health, beauty, and wellness products that are gluten free, vegan certified, non-GMO, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and toxin-free. 

So let's get to my top 5 favorite Arbonne products, so far ;)

| one |

I am a lover of coffee especially in the morning when I am dragging myself out of bed! However more times than none my body just can't handle coffee anymore I always feel sick after wards! Sad I know! I was so hesitant about these energy fizz sticks because I was convinced I would get the "shakes" after drinking it! I was soooo wrong. I drink one in the morning and still feel great come 1pm when I would normally be begging for a nap! I highly recommend this over coffee any day!

| two |

I am not proud of this but I am a notorious meal skipper! I don't do it on purpose but sometimes I am just to busy to eat. And what ends up happening come dinner is a crazy amount of eating. These protein shakes have been a lifesaver for me! I blend mine up with water, almond butter, and a banana. It is seriously the best shake I've ever had! I am so excited to try out some new recipes! The shakes also come in chocolate which I am so eager to try too!

| three |

These fit chews are designed to curb your appetite! When I would run errands throughout the day I would grab a snickers bar and that would be my snack! Let's just say my waste line is loving these fit chews! There are other flavors to choose from but the caramel is hands down my favorite. Feels like I am eating candy without feeling guilty!

| four |

So I have pretty much come to terms that I am getting older! Its funny how you start noticing the way your body changes. Lets just say I miss my 21 year old body that had a beyond great metabolism and digestive system. TMI or whatever! But let me tell ya something this daily fiber boost is a necessity! I add it to my protein shake and it doing my body good!

| five |

Lastly is my personal lifesaver! This school year my kiddos have gotten sick a handful of times and it sucks! I drink a pack once every week and it is totally paying off! Trust me this momma can't get sick so this is a must!

In the world of Arbonne there is so much to discover and I can't wait to explore it some more!

If you have any favorite products you think I should try please shoot me an email or leave a comment below!

If you are interested in any Arbonne products click here and explore all they have to offer!

Cheers to a very busy weekend!


easy diy giant fringe number

Aug 24, 2016

If you haven't already noticed I love projects that are easy to tackle! 
This piece of party decoration took me all of about 30 minutes to complete.

I used left over cardboard I had that came with some Ikea packaging (yay for going green).

Cut out the number five that I free handed.

I used different color tissue papers and cut them as I would if I were making a tissue paper garland.

Taped them to the cardboard.

Repeat the taping process as you go!

And voila a cute giant fringe number!

Kid you not this easy DIY project will make its appearance at every party simply because its so easy and makes a big statement!

Hope you liked this easy DIY!


diy zootopia inspired favor bags

Aug 23, 2016

Yesterday I shared some photos of my daughters birthday party. Today I wanted to share a little more of the details behind the party favor bags!

When it comes to putting together favor bags I always start off with a plain brown lunch bag!
For two reasons!
(1) They are a blank canvas that you literally can do anything with!
(2) They are ridiculously affordable!

I knew right off the bat that I wanted these favor bags to represent the theme in a not so in your face way.

To represent Judy Hopps I went with the carrot and for Nick Wilde I went with the pawpsicle.  And to my surprise the kiddos totally understood the references!

I can't draw to save my life so I used templates I found on the internet. 

A template, construction paper, glue stick and brown lunch bag is all you need! 

Inside the party favors our guests were treated to some of Cailee's favorite things!

Candy necklace and bracelet (not pictured)
Play doh
Judy Hopps coloring page
Zootopia fruit snacks (not pictured)
Custom sugar cookies

The adults at the parties went home with their pick of a custom sugar cookie by Mpressive Creations :)


party time

Aug 22, 2016

Two weeks ago we celebrated Cailee turning 5 years old with a fun pool party! SADLY these were the only photos I managed to get of the party! 

Cailee really wanted a Zootopia party so I did my best to incorporate small details where I could. Because we had the party at our community pool we are limited on how we can decorate etc but everything came out great!

Just like always my sister made the cupcakes and cake for the party. And just like every other year they were a big hit!

The party favors had paws and carrots on them to represent Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps from Zootopia! 

The cookies were made by a local baker and boy were they absolutely delicious! 

Cookies made by Mpressive Creations (located in Southern California)!

Stay tuned this week for some extra party details.


my easy diy lego table

Aug 20, 2016

After researching and gathering everything I needed (which wasn't much) I was eager to put together Cailee's Lego Table! 

It was by far the easiest DIY project ever!

What I used:
Lego Baseplates 
Velcro squares
Target Pillowfort bins

All I did was make sure the Lego baseplates were centered on top of the table and attached the velcro to the corners! Keep in mind the velcro does make the baseplates lift a tiny bit on the corners (so far it has not been an issue). 

I used velcro instead of glue because I wanted the option of taking off the baseplates without potentially damaging the table top. 

The bins add a tiny bit of color and are the perfect storage for the small space!

Considering this little project took me all but maybe 30 minutes (including assembling the table) it has already brought hours of joy for my newly turned five year old :)

To check out some of the inspiration behind this Lego table click here


five on friday

Aug 19, 2016

Happy Friday Everyone! 

This was our last week of summer vacation and we literally did nothing! Not that I am complaining because come next week I will be missing our "nothing to do" days. While we still have today to soak in all the nothingness (yes I am sure that is a word and if its not it totally should be!), I wanted to join in on the Five on Friday fun!

| one | Back in April I shared my Trader Joe's must haves, since then I have added two more to the list! The Butternut Squash Zig-Zags are delicious and a great way to add more veggies to your meals! The Riced Cauliflower is an absolute favorite of mine! I saute it with a little bit of olive oil and white pepper. When I feed it to my girls I mix it into their brown rice and they gobble it right up. 

| two | While we are on the topic of food, I wanted to share these Yummy Spoonfuls I found at Target recently! I love these for so many reasons but let's be honest it is a lifesaver. When Charlotte is hungry for the millionth time I just pop these into the microwave and voila a little healthy meal! It is made in the USA, is organic, gluten-free, and so much more! So far Charlotte has given her stamp of approval on the Pinto Beans Brown Rice & Turkey and the Lentil & Carrots! Just picked up a few new flavors today and I am pretty sure they will be big hits too!

 | three | I stopped by Carter's earlier this week to pick up some new pjs and I was sucked in. I normally contain my need to buy every cute outfit I see but this time around I gave in just a little! In my defense I had just cleaned out both of the girls dressers and they were in need of some new clothes. Everything I bought was either on clearance or on major sale (double win) so to the mommas out there looking for deals swing by Carter's! Out of all the goodies I got these two onesies(geo print bodysuit/horse bodysuit) are my favorites! 

| four | Last Friday Cailee turned the big 5 and we surprised her with a Lego Table. She loved it and put it into use right away! This easy gift was a big hit and will last her for years to come. I will share a separte post on the lego table soon :) 

| five | Cailee's 5th birthday pool party was last weekend and it was a blast! It was well over a 100 degrees but the pool kept our guest happy.  I can't wait to share more pictures soon! But for now I'll leave ya with a picture of some yummy cake!

Now I am off to enjoy our last Friday of summer vacation!


lego fun

Aug 1, 2016

This month my oldest daughter Cailee turns the big FIVE! 
While brainstorming gift ideas, I knew whatever I got her had to incorporate Legos!
She has loved Legos ever since last Christmas when she got them as a gift!
It really is amazing to watch her sit at the kitchen table and tediously get to work!

Any gift that caters to a child's creative side is a no brainer!

She already has plenty of legos but doesn't really have a designated space to build them. Because lets face it by the time dinner rolls around those tiny pieces have got to go!

I went straight to Pinterest to see what I could whip up as a work station or fun storage. 
Leave it to Pinterest to give me so many options!

See for yourself the options are truly endless!

From Fancy Ashley...

After plenty of research, I gathered all the supplies needed and can't wait to tackle this project this weekend! 

Stay Tuned :)