Great Wolf Lodge {Tips}

I am finally wrapping up my Great Wolf Lodge blog posts with tips for surviving the lodge!

Here is a little recap of our trip:
Girls weekend trip with 5 girls in one standard family suite {we fit in room comfortably}
We arrived early Sunday morning and checked out Tuesday afternoon
2 adults and 3 kids

Tip #1 Stay hydrated at the water park
- The water park is kept at a certain temperature and it is pretty hot. They have free water stations at the water park...take advantage of this!

Tip #2 Take breaks from the water park
- When you walk into the water park you can smell the chlorine. So take little breaks out of the water often.

Tip #3 Water Shoes 
- I purchased these water shoes for the girls to wear at the water park. It kept their feet safe from any crazy weird foot fungus and from slipping all over the place.

Tip #4 Waterproof phone case
- My sister and I purchased these waterproof phone cases to store our phone and cash while we were at the water park. They actually worked and we saw several people with them too!

Tip #5 Floatation Devices 
- They have vests that your littles can borrow, so save yourself from over packing!

Tip #6 Towels
- They provide towels for guests at the water park. 

Tip #7 Have fun!!!
- I was such a paranoid mess at the water park. My kids were perfectly safe and happy. So I really didn't need to worry as much as I did.

I hope you find my tips helpful on your visit to the lodge!

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Great Wolf Lodge {Around The Lodge}

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thank you for following along all the Great Wolf Lodge fun!

Up today is everything we did around the lodge...from where we ate to the fun activities we did!

Buckle up for the ride it'll be a long one!

Where we ate and snacked...

For Breakfast we would grab a quick bite at the Dunkin' Donuts located in the hotel right off the elevators and McDonald's across the street(a quick walk away).

For Lunch/Dinner we ate at the Lodge and Buckets (located in the water park area).

The Lodge is a smaller restaurant inside the hotel. Considering its size we never had trouble getting a table.   

Buckets is located inside of the water park, I would recommend ordering food before your party is out of the water. The lines get pretty long.

Fun Activities around the lodge...The great part about Great Wolf Lodge is that they have tons of free activities for the kids to do!

Here are just a few...Face painting, bracelet making, ballon animals and so much more. Make sure to plan out your trip so you don't miss the fun and free activities.

The packages...We got the girls the "passes" which you purchase at an additional cost. 
They offer different passes that range from $44.99 up to $99.99

I purchased my daughters the "Pup Pass" which was the cheapest pass at $44.99.
This pass included:

One Creation Station animal with a Clubhouse Crew Adventure
One $5 Paw Points game card
One 12 oz. candy cup
One Glitz Glitter tattoo
One scoop of ice cream at Bear Paw Sweets & Eats

I wish I had gone with the next pass up because they both wanted to do the other activities included in the   "Paw Pass" so I ended up spending more paying for the items separately.

Cailee at Creation Station which is their version of Build-a-Bear!

The Ten Paw alley was so much fun and the kids enjoyed bowling with the tiny bowling balls.

Getting pictures with the girls was so difficult because they just wanted to play but I love this picture of Charlotte and I.

Come back tomorrow for some tips for surviving the lodge!


Great Wolf Lodge {Suites}

Welcome back to all the Great Wolf Lodge awesomeness!

Up today is the Hotel Room!

We visited the Anaheim location and stayed in the Standard Family Suite.

This room had two queen size beds and a sleeper sofa!

Our group included a total of 5 people (Myself, Cailee, Charlotte, My sister and niece)
the room was just the right amount of space for us!

The room had a microwave and mini fridge that came in handy!

The bathroom goodies were the absolute best and smelled so good! My hair took a beating from the water park and this hair conditioner was so helpful!

Mom Tip: Move the sleeper against your bed and you have an instant crib!

I would highly recommend this size room for a family!
Its practical and cheaper than the themed rooms.

With that being said the themed rooms look so cool and my kids definitely want to stay in one the next time we visit!


Great Wolf Lodge {our arrival}

We are just a few days away from our summer vacation and I am finally get around to sharing our Great Wolf Lodge Adventure!

We went last July (this school year literally flew by) and I took far to many pictures!

To avoid a huge photo dump in one post, I am spreading out the Great Wolf Lodge awesomeness!

Leaving for the lodge! 
When we do long car rides the kiddos always wear pjs(the comfier the better). 

How you know its an all girls weekend. Pink and sparkles all day long.

Our arrival...

The property is huge and the design is beautiful. Driving up the girls literally squealed in excitement.

Once we arrived the girls changed into normal clothing.

Although we arrived several hours before check in we were able to check in! 
They would later text us when our room was ready!

When we checked in we all got our wrist bands that allowed us access to the water park.

Fun Fact: When you check in they give each child wolf ears and if your celebrating something you get festive wolf ears!!

Cailee got the festive wolf ears because we were celebrating her upcoming 6th birthday!

Stay tuned tomorrow to check out our room!


We met Peppa Pig

In the last year my kids have become big Peppa Pig fans, so when my sister found out she'd be making an appearance at the zoo she called me asap!

Meeting Peppa was free but you had to reserve a time slot and purchase admission to the zoo
So we did the logical thing and purchased a family membership so we could visit with the famous pig for approximately 5 seconds!

Truth be told I'd gladly do it all over again to see their smiling faces. 

PS - I had no idea how many fun events the LA Zoo hosts throughout the year!
I am actually looking forward to their Roaring Nights event this summer.


updated favorite girl dresses under $5

Happy Saturday Everyone!

The weather is screaming summer over here and that means are dress game is going strong!

I've blogged about these favorites before (see that post here) but since there are new styles I just had to share again!

When I first blogged about these awesome dresses from H & M Cailee was my only kiddo wearing them. These dresses have quickly become Charlotte's favorites since she got some hand-me-downs from big sis and then her own too! 

I kid you not every time I check out the store they have a new print and with the $4.99 price tag I don't feel bad stocking up!

The new prints(check them out here) are perfect for summer!

Fun fact: For my mommas with multiple girls...these dresses come in sizes 1yr to 10yr!
Twinning for cheap...your welcome ;)


five on friday

Happy 1st day of June everyone!!

Let's kick this month off with a Five on Friday...

| one |

I always get so excited on the first day of this because it means its the start of my birthday month.
My birthday is June 20th and this year we will be celebrating it on vacation woo hoo!!!

| two |

Yesterday Cailee had her school Spring Concert and it was awesome! The theme was the 1950s, so all the kids went dressed up and they looked adorable! Weeks leading up to this event I would hear Cailee in her room practicing their songs. Her practicing paid off and she belted out all the songs with a big smile on her face! 

| three |

On a long solo stroll down the aisles of Target I found these Que Bella gel eye masks and love them! 
$2.99 for a pack of 3
I wear them for 20-30 minutes and I swear the bags under my eyes brighten up after each use!

| four |

We have lived at our house for 4 years now and we are finally giving our master bedroom a much needed makeover! These "You keep me safe, I'll keep you wild" printable I found while browsing Pinterest inspired the makeover! I mean I couldn't put these up in the room the way it was so obviously a makeover was the only reasonable thing to do!

PS this is how the previous owner styled the master bedroom

| five |

A few weeks ago I took Charlotte to Travel Town and we spent the morning checking out trains and riding the small train! I bought her a Thomas the train whistle she just had to have and now I completely relate to this meme! 


Introducing the bored box

Hi Everyone!

I'd like to introduce you all to the "bored box"!

My kids have moments in the day that they claim they are bored. 
It doesn't matter if we had a fun filled afternoon of outings they still get bored! 

For the sake of not wearing myself out or spreading myself to thin...I created the "bored box" for my girls!

What is the bored box, you ask!

Well its a box filled with various activities I know my kids enjoy. Whenever they claim they are bored they can get one activity out of this box to complete. All the activities are pretty easy for them to do without our help.

We tried it out today and it worked like a charm. 

The girls grabbed an activity to do and we all sat around the kitchen table tackling our various tasks and it was very enjoyable! 

So I think the "bored box" is a big win in my mommy book!

I purchased everything you see below from Michaels but will definitely be restocking this box with things I find at various stores!

The storage box with tray is currently on sale for $8.99.
The lid also comes in pink and white!

The paint tray is a steal! You can buy a 6 pack for $2. I love them because it really limits how much paint the kids use and its so easy to clean off!

The paints are Craft Smart and you can't beat the selection and price! Hello 70 cents y'all!

The various activities in the box cost less than $2 each!! 

I love the Play Pack packets and buy these whenever I see them! They are great for entertaining the kids in the car and at dinner!

Now to make myself a bored box that doesn't consist of binge watching Netflix when the kids are asleep lol

Do you have a bored box for your kiddos? and if so what do you stock them up with?!


California Adventure Food & Wine Festival 2018

After celebrating Easter with our families Sister and I snuck off to Disneyland and California Adventure for a very well deserved magical escape! 
We used to go to Disneyland monthly before having kids and can you believe we haven't been to the parks without kids since 2008!

We got to the parks by 7pm and made a quick dash to California Adventure to check out the Food and  Wine Festival. 

I've been a passholder since 2005 and this was my first time ever buying the Sip and Savor Pass offered only to AP's. 

"Each Sip and Savor Pass is $45, and consists of a commemorative 2018 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival lanyard and 8 coupons, redeemable for select food and beverage offerings (excluding alcohol and souvenir items)"!

When you redeem your coupon you will get a special "ap" pin from the different food stations!

You can also get your passport booklet stamped!

We didn't have enough time to visit each food station but we plan on going back before the festival ends!

First up on the food adventure was the Cluck-A-Doodle-Moo!

I got the Grilled Harris Ranch Beef Tenderloin Slider with Chimichurri Sauce and it was soooo good!!!

Next up was Eat Your Greens! My sister tried the Grilled Asparagus Caesar Salad!
It was good but basically you were just eating asparagus with Caesar salad dressing.

At Garlic Kissed we got the Creamy Mac & Cheese with Garlic Bread Crumble!
So much yes to this dish! It was delicious! The garlic was present but not overwhelming!

At I ❤️ Artichokes we tried the Fried Artichoke Carbonara. Okay I need to start off by saying that I do like like artichokes but definitely did not like this dish. It was just to heavy! One bite and I was over it.

At Avocado Time I got the Avocado & Pepper Jack Petite Guacamole Burger! They only cook this medium style so that detoured my sister from getting on herself (she likes her burger well done or nothing).I tried it and really liked it but would go back for seconds to Cluck-A-Doodle-Moo for the slider!

We are so excited to go back on another solo trip to try the other carts we didn't get to hit this trip!

And because I am such a good momma I couldn't leave the park without take a picture with my kids favorite character ;P