Minnie + Mickey Mouse party favors

Feb 19, 2017

The party favors for Charlotte's birthday party were easily my favorite part of the party prep. They were quick and easy to pull off and the kids loved them! 

I bought the kraft paper bags from Hobby Lobby and glued the Mickey + Minnie cut outs from Dimenchon's Delightful Designs on them and voila a completely custom favor bag.

The kiddos went home with a custom Mickey Mouse coloring book, Mickey/Minnie Ears, gummie snacks and a custom cookie

The custom Mickey Mouse coloring books are from Dixie Delights Blog on Etsy and they were such a big hit with the littles :) If you haven't check out Amanda's blog you absolutely have to and if your a fellow disney lover you won't be disappointed!

The Mickey and Minnie ears were a steal from Amazon

And I can never have a party with custom cookies from Mpressive Creations!


minnie + mickey mouse party

Earlier this month we celebrated a few birthdays, including my sweet little Charlotte's second birthday!

Considering shes only seen a few episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse yet her love for Minnie and Mickey runs deep. So when it came to her party I knew what theme we had to do! Because of the location of her party I could only do so much in terms of decorations so I had to get creative. The party favor bags and cake served as the focal point of the party. Simple yet so effective. I loved how everything turned out and so the birthday girl!

I forgot my camera at home so my cell pictures will have to do :)

Party details:

Charlotte's onesie is from My Charming Charlotte on Etsy
Charlotte's crown is from Little Blue Olive on Etsy
Party favor bags diy project made with paper bags from Hobby Lobby and Minnie and Mickey cut outs from Dimenchons Designs on Etsy
Cake and cupcakes from my local market
Custom cookies from local baker Mpressivecreations
Invitation from Mallory Hope Design on Etsy
Glitter "2" birthday candle from Home Adventures on Etsy
Big Number 2 with Mickey ears diy project made with paper mache number from Hobby Lobby and ears made from black card stock
Banner with Charlotte's name made with scrapbook paper and kraft paper banner from Hobby Lobby


a day at the museum and some helpful tips

Jan 4, 2017

Yesterday we enjoyed our last day of winter break at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. After months on our "we should take the kids there" list we finally crossed it off! 

We spent about 2 hours there but still have so much to explore on our next visit. The hubs was amazed by the Dinosaur Hall, I was enamored by the beautiful architecture and the girls were over the moon exploring the Edible Garden. 

A few honorable mentions go to the African Mammals, North American Mammals, Gems and Minerals, and the Nature Lab. 

Surprisingly we didn't get many pictures in the museum but a good amount of the girls enjoying the garden. It clearly stole the show and I am so glad we got to experience it with the girls. We pretty much had the garden to ourselves so the girls got to take their time and run all over the place. It was awesome to see Cailee so excited about the plants. She kept asking which plant was what and she even found a few sprouted fruits and veggies. Both girls were so intrigued that it only inspired us to really find a way to start our own edible garden!

If any of you mommies are considering visiting I highly recommend it! 
Some helpful tips:

- The first Tuesday of every month is free (except in July and August)!
- The museum has its on parking lot right on the property and it is $12 (cash and card accepted).
- You can bring your own lunch but their cafe food is delicious.
- The earlier you go the better!
- Stroller friendly but almost uncomfortable maneuvering around people.

Any other tips you guys might have please send them my way! We can't wait to go back!




Jan 3, 2017

Script House  Number Number: Seventeen, Size: 3.13" H x 18" W x 7.5" D by Montague Metal Products Inc.. $37.00. SHN-17sm Number: Seventeen, Size: 3.13" H x 18" W x 7.5" D Features: -Script house number.-Cast in rust free aluminum.-Made in the USA. Color/Finish: -Satin black finish.:
In the spirit of the new year and the fact that I am trying my best to avoid putting away our Christmas decorations, I thought it would be fun to share 17 fun/random facts about myself.

In no particular order here we go...

1. I need to have the TV on or else I can't fall asleep.

2. I talk to my sister at least once a day.

3. Whenever I got sick as a little girl I would ask my mom to rent the movie "Big girls don't cry, they get even" to make me feel better.

4. I've seen every episode of Friends, HIMYM and Last Man Standing multiple times.

5. I love hearing ghost stories but refuse to watch scary movies.

6. I never really cared for the movie of The Notebook but absolutely loved the book.

7. In August of 2015 I had an emergency appendix removal and the pain of that was ten times worse than labor ever was for me.

8. I share a birthday with Lionel Richie and fictional character Edward Cullen.

9. I am not a fan of dishwashers. I much rather wash dishes the old fashion way.  

10. As a little girl I would cry because I felt bad for fish because they would never get to go for walks like dogs do.

11. I always stock up on festive napkins when I find them on clearance at Target! The cheapest I've ever paid is about 40 cents! I literally have napkins for every holiday and various themes on hand at all times. 

12. I cried ugly tears when One Tree Hill ended and still maintain that is one of the best shows ever!

13. I once bumped into an actor that had been on One Tree Hill for a short time. When I talked to him I started by calling him by his characters name. He was less than thrilled. 

14. While on vacation I attend the senior citizen water aerobics class with my grandma. And I enjoy every single second of it. 

15. I've won over 10 phone in contests with KiisFM by being caller 102. A day before my 23rd birthday I won $1000 and I've won tons of concert tickets. The secret to winning is to keep calling and calling.

16. I went thru a mafia phase. I read tons and tons of books including The Mafia for dummies! 

17. I am still very much afraid of the dark and I refuse to walk passed a mirror in the dark!

And there is my list :)




Jan 2, 2017

Image result for goals quote
Two days into the new year and I am finally ready to jot down my goals for 2017.

Using the term "goal" instead of resolutions just makes it feel more attainable in my opinion if that makes sense. In the past I have made a list of goals for each new year and have successfully completed about 80% of my goals. So the word goal is pretty much here to stay.

Now that we got the goals vs resolutions out of the way, here is the list!

1. Go on at least one kid free date with the hubby a month.
- and we already have a wish list of new locations we can't wait to check out yay I am so excited for this goal!

- I am a big fan of the movie and just recently found out that it was based on a book (yep apparently I've been living under a rock).

3. Take more photos with me actually in them.
- I've become a pro at avoiding photos because "oh I don't have makeup on" or "I haven't done my hair" but in years from now I am gonna kick myself in the butt for it.

4. Dress up
- I need to give my sweats a break and actually wear all the clothes I am hoarding in my closet. 

5. Keep a plant alive for more than two weeks.
- I have been wanting to start a vegetable or herb garden for the longest time. However every time I attempt this my little seed sprouts I get ridiculously excited and than I completely forget about. I have decided to start with something easy. Perhaps an herb I can use often. If you have an recommendations seriously pass it my way!

6. Learn to do my own makeup
- And I don't mean by watching a YouTube tutorial because even though I love them and could watch all day for the life of me I can never get it right.

and last but not least

7. Throw a Harry Potter themed party for my 30th birthday in June!
- Yes you absolutely read that correctly and it literally makes me giddy just thinking about it!

Cheers to a new year and new goals!


welcome twenty seventeen

Jan 1, 2017

Welcome 2017 and Happy New Year to all! 

I would like to take this time to reintroduce myself to the blogging world. 

My name is Jocelyn!

I am married to Chris and a mommy to Cailee (five years old) and Charlotte (almost 2 years old). We have a rescue doggie named Hannah! I love my life, not because of the material items but because of the constant love I am surround by. We live in Southern California and absolutely love the sunshine. If you can't find us at home chances are we are at Cailee's school, Target, Trader Joe's, Disneyland or causing havoc at Barnes and Noble!

After taking a much needed break from my little space on the internet, I am back feeling more rejuvenated than ever!

While you are enjoying the first day of 2017...

I will leave you with some of my favorites from our fall twenty sixteen family photos!

Photos by Sosa Photography

Thank you for stopping by and I hope your first day into the new year has been a good one!



Nov 18, 2016

Happy Friday Everyone!

Another week down and another week closer to the new year! 

On this Five on Friday, I wanted to share five products I absolutely love and use religiously!

A little back story first!

I was introduced to Arbonne by a mommy friend over the summer and after my initial hesitation, I fell in love with the products and even became an Independent Consultant!

In a nutshell Arbonne offers premium botanically-based health, beauty, and wellness products that are gluten free, vegan certified, non-GMO, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and toxin-free. 

So let's get to my top 5 favorite Arbonne products, so far ;)

| one |

I am a lover of coffee especially in the morning when I am dragging myself out of bed! However more times than none my body just can't handle coffee anymore I always feel sick after wards! Sad I know! I was so hesitant about these energy fizz sticks because I was convinced I would get the "shakes" after drinking it! I was soooo wrong. I drink one in the morning and still feel great come 1pm when I would normally be begging for a nap! I highly recommend this over coffee any day!

| two |

I am not proud of this but I am a notorious meal skipper! I don't do it on purpose but sometimes I am just to busy to eat. And what ends up happening come dinner is a crazy amount of eating. These protein shakes have been a lifesaver for me! I blend mine up with water, almond butter, and a banana. It is seriously the best shake I've ever had! I am so excited to try out some new recipes! The shakes also come in chocolate which I am so eager to try too!

| three |

These fit chews are designed to curb your appetite! When I would run errands throughout the day I would grab a snickers bar and that would be my snack! Let's just say my waste line is loving these fit chews! There are other flavors to choose from but the caramel is hands down my favorite. Feels like I am eating candy without feeling guilty!

| four |

So I have pretty much come to terms that I am getting older! Its funny how you start noticing the way your body changes. Lets just say I miss my 21 year old body that had a beyond great metabolism and digestive system. TMI or whatever! But let me tell ya something this daily fiber boost is a necessity! I add it to my protein shake and it doing my body good!

| five |

Lastly is my personal lifesaver! This school year my kiddos have gotten sick a handful of times and it sucks! I drink a pack once every week and it is totally paying off! Trust me this momma can't get sick so this is a must!

In the world of Arbonne there is so much to discover and I can't wait to explore it some more!

If you have any favorite products you think I should try please shoot me an email or leave a comment below!

If you are interested in any Arbonne products click here and explore all they have to offer!

Cheers to a very busy weekend!