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This past weekend I had a few people ask me what invitations I used for my daughter's Finding Nemo Party. Sure enough I decided to write a post about it in case anyone else was wondering the same thing! Trust me it was hard finding invitations I liked for this tricky yet popular theme. So I am glad I can help other mommas!

I found the perfect online invitation at Paperless Post.  As luck would have it they actually had a nice selections of Finding Nemo invites that were just my style :)

This was my first time using Paperless Post so I was a little confused on how it worked exactly but I got the hang of things pretty quick! 

You can email everyone in your party the invitation and they RSVP right thru the email! Easy! I could keep track of all the RSVP in one location! 

What I did find a little difficult was the pricing of it all! When you sign up for Paperless Post you get a certain amount of free coins to use towards your invitations. Once you run out of free coins you must buy more coins. 

Luckily I didn't have a large guest count so I had just enough coins. 

You can also purchase a single invitation that will be mailed to you! I bought one to keep as a  keepsake for my little one!

This is the invite we used for the party!

And these are some other options that I think are equally as adorable! 

*All images are from Paperless Post*


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