Harry Potter inspired invitations

A few weeks back I shared with you my Harry Potter themed 30th birthday party (see it here) and completely forgot to show you the invitations! I love invitations and feel like they really set the tone for the event! It was only fair that these beauties get a post all to themselves. 

The invitations were made to look like the real Marauder Map you see in the Harry Potter films! I purchased the digital personalized invitation from this Etsy Shop (Gilmourdesigns). 
The invitation was a printable item and I printed everything at home and assembled it myself! 

It was truly time consuming but was absolutely so worth it! I loved it and my guests enjoyed getting this piece of magic in the mail! 

Each invitation was printed on three individual resume papers, cut, glued and assembled with love!

My first attempt was done using regular computer paper to make sure I got it done right! After the first one I knew exactly what to do and it made the assembly process much quicker!

Once folded together I tied the "map" in twine!

If you look at the bottom left of this photo you will see my footprints on the map!
Little details like this make me swoon!

Once completely opened the invitation looked like this! You could also find the whereabouts of Harry and Hermione!

And because detail is everything to me...I had to wax seal each envelope with the official Hogwarts Seal!

Oh and yes these are Harry Potter stamps!!!!

I found the Hogwarts seal kit and stamps at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my invites as much as I did :)

Is it too soon to throw another Harry Potter themed party!?!

| Sources |

- Invitation design by Gilmourdesigns on Etsy
- Resume Paper to print invites on from Amazon
- Kraft Envelopes from Amazon
- Similar Hogwarts Seal from Amazon (and cheaper than what I bought mine for)
- Red wax for seal from Amazon

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