Cow Appreciation Day 2017

Today was Chick-Fil-A's 13th annual Cow Appreciation Day and as the Chick-fil-a lovers that we are, we couldn't resist joining in on the celebration!

If you went in dressed up in your best cow gear you got a free entree and children dressed up got a free kids meal.

This was our first year participating and it was so much fun! Yep, I am that kind of mom and pretty dang proud of it :)

Cailee had a little cow head piece and apron that she never got to use at a school event! I had extra black felt tucked away in the garage that came in handy! In less than 20 minutes I had our costumes ready!

My husband totally thought we were going to be the only ones dressed up and boy was he dead wrong! Almost every single person was wearing something cow was pretty awesome!

I love when people get into things like this!

Here is my little cow tribe!

Big sister didn't want to wear the head piece but this little one couldn't wait to put it on! 

Although she didn't want to wear the cow head piece, she didn't hesitate "mooing" at the girl taking our order hahaha!

We had a pretty moo-tastic dinner ;)


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