Summer Reading with Barnes and noble

It is no secret that I love me some Barnes and Noble!

It is an outing the girls and I all look forward too! 

They have a great kids' club (see my post about that here) and now during summer they have a great reading program for the kiddos! 

This year Cailee gets to participate and she is so excited about it! 

She learned to read this past school year and every book she reads just builds her confidence even more! I really couldn't be prouder! I know reading wasn't easy for her but she has come so far!

With this Summer Reading Journal children grades 1-6 get one free book(preselected books to choose from) when they read any 8 books! 

You can pick up a journal for your child in your local Barnes and Noble or print one out online! All your kiddo needs to do is read 8 books and document it in their journal, and once complete take journal into the store!

 Here are some of the books your kiddo can pick from!! Cailee has her eyes on the Pinkalicious I can read book! 

I seriously love this program and think its a great way to promote reading to your child! They get practice reading and get a free book! 

Win and win!

We are three books in and five more to go :)


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