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Happy Friday Everyone!

Are you ready for another Five on Friday post?!?!

I hope the answer is yes :) because its coming your way in like a second...

| one |

Pottery Barn has set up shop in my bank account and I am not even mad about it! I wanted to get a head start on school supplies shopping because I know the next few weeks will be pretty hectic for us! So as I was shopping for Cailee's backpack and lunch box I fell down the Pottery Barn black hole! A few clicks later I found myself looking at bedding!! My youngest Charlotte is a big time car fan! Like no joke she has like 20 cars in her collection thus far! So when I saw their Cars themed bedding I knew who would be a fan! Still fine tuning the style we are going for in her room but you better believe it will have some of these goodies! Went in for backpacks and came out with bedding...well played PB ;)

| two |

When you sign up as a beauty insider with Sephora you get a free birthday gift. This year I picked their Tarte lip and cheek set! I loved the lip paint in "birthday suit" sample so much I bought the regular size! It is like lipgloss but much thicker and creamier! They have such a variety there is a color for everyone!

| three |

 We are Disneyland lovers to the max but Universal Studios has quickly occupied a space in our heart! We spent Thursday afternoon at the park and I can't wait to share all of our favorites in its own well deserved post coming soon! But I'll leave you with a photo of one of the girls absolute favorite attractions Universal has to offer...Hogsmeade!

| four |

This weekend we are celebrating a special Anniversary/Birthday! Our doggy Hannah's adoption anniversary is this Sunday and I may or may not have purchased a doggy cake for her! Because she is a rescue and we don't know prior information of her we don't know her official birthday so we will be celebrating her birthday on her anniversary date!
A celebration will be had and I can't wait! PS Three Dogs Bakery is the best! 

| five |

We just booked a mini vacation at the Great Wolf Lodge and I am literally counting down the days!!! We have never been and would love to hear some recommendations?!?! Shoot me an email or leave a comment below! Kiddos in our group are ages 2-9!!  
We are pretty sold on the water park attractions but would love to have the girls partake in the other activities too! So let me know your favorite!!

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