celebrating Hannah

This weekend we celebrated our Hannah girl!

It has been a year since she became a part of our family.

Because of the nature in which she was found(read about her adoption here) we don't know her official birthday so we combined her adoption anniversary with her birthday!

Of course we celebrated with a cake made especially for her! Thank you Three Dog Bakery for making awesome doggy cakes! Hannah absolutely loved eating cake!

I absolutely had to make us a cake too! 

The girls have been talking about Hannah's birthday for weeks and couldn't wait to get the party started! They were also mildly disappointed that we didn't invite our entire family over for the "party"...but a piece of cake made all right in the world!

Our Hannah girl has been living the life of luxury(which is totally well deserved!) and we can't wait for many more years with her!

PS = Adopt don't shop!


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