Home Depot Kids Workshops

This morning was one for the books! 

As a family we got to experience something brand new! 

When we aren't jammed packed with weekends plans, I like to see what local events are going on and perhaps partake in. Well, last night I was up searching the Internet for something to do with the kiddos early enough to avoid the California heat. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Home Depot offers Free Kid Workshops on the first Saturday of each month! We didn't have plans so I thought why the heck not!

Per the website I only registered Cailee because it said for ages 5-12 but when we arrived to the event there was much younger kiddos participating. So next time I am registering both girls! Registration is not required but of course it helps them prepare quantities of supplies.

When we arrived Cailee was given her very own Home Depot apron! She thought it was the coolest thing ever!

We were also given the project for the day! This weekends DIY project was a "bug house". It came packaged with everything needed. Tools and paints were provided by Home Depot and were set up in different stations! 

The hubby took it from here! Cailee's first time using a hammer and boy was she so proud. Charlotte and I cheered on, took photos, and searched for hiding birdies! 

After some assembling it was off to the painting station! Easily Charlotte's favorite part because she got to get in on some of the action! Meanwhile big sister was taking paint selection very seriously! 

This is the face of pure joy mixed in with a little chaos!

Don't mind the makeup free face but sorry summer you win! Heat and a full face of makeup just doesn't work for me! But I am so happy I took a picture with my girls :) Smiles for days from these two girls!

It just so happens that Home Depot was celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the Kids Workshops (who knew right?!?!) so each kiddo was asked to leave the hand print! The hand print art will be displayed in the store and we can't wait to go check it out once its up!

Upon completion of the activity each child receives a certificate of achievement and a commemorative pin! I saw so many kiddos with their aprons filled with commemorative pins from previous workshops and it was adorable! The pins reminded me of girl/boy scout pins! 

Cailee and my hubby are already so excited for next months workshop

If you've never been to the workshops I highly recommend at the very least attending one :) Its an experience you can share as a family and best of all its free!!!

Check your local Home Depot for this event and definitely register in advance!

*This is not an ad nor is it sponsored by the Home Depot. Just one momma sharing an experience her whole family enjoyed*


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