Trader Joe's must haves update

Our Trader Joe's love still runs very deep!

I love the food and the girls love searching for Casey and Chloe! Win and Win!
Two kiddos at the grocery store isn't the most easiest task to accomplish but having the girls so excited to find those bears, has been a major game changer for us! 

On our most recent trip I decided to give some new products a shot!

The day we ventured into the store they were giving samples of this ravioli and despite that it was sprinkled with tomato and basil, my kids literally inhaled it! It definitely made its way into our cart and has been a fan favorite! Drizzle a little olive oil, diced tomato and basil and omg its delicious!

I have been on the search for a new cooking oil and came across this sunflower oil! I've tried cooking with coconut oil but the girls can't stand it and I don't blame them. This oil has been a great substitute for my normal go to olive oil!  

My daughter goes to a "peanut free" school so this sunflower seed spread has made it possible for her to have her much needed pb&j lunch time sandwich!

My kids and my husband are "snackers". I am asked for snacks to many times to count! When we stumbled upon these snacks I had a feeling they would be well received.

The cinnamon apple snack sticks taste just like churros!!!
The roasted plantain chips are an amazing substitute for those chip cravings!
The cranberries are nothing mind blowing but hey they are organic so there ya go ;)

I think the thing I really like about Trader Joe's is that every trip I find something new! It allows me to switch things up and yet is super affordable!

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