trader joe's must haves

I love reading about what goodies people find especially when its food related. I often find myself in a cooking rut and on those days I turn to my Trader Joe's must haves.

For lunch...

Most days my hubby works from home so I make us the same lunch. I am a big fan of the packaged ravioli. They have all sorts of flavors but my favorite is the Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomato.We easily split one package between the two of us and the baby.  
But the days he goes into the office I pack him frozen pre-made meals that are both delicious and filling. His two favorites are the Bibimbap Bowl (a popular Korean dish) and the Chicken Tikka Masala (an Indian dish).

Goat Cheese & Sundried Tomato Ravioli $2.99 | Bibimbap Bowl $3.49 | Chicken Tikka Masala $3.49

For dinner...

The dinner time rush in our house is by far the most chaotic time of day. From helping Cailee with her homework to bath time. The last thing I want to do is spend the night slaving away making dinner when I much rather be spending the time with my family. These must haves really come in handy for me. 

The Organic Brown Rice (one box comes with 3 pouches) is a staple at our house, 3 minutes in the microwave and done! What I love most is I don't have to clean a rice cooker! The Orange Chicken is so delicious and is my 4 years old favorite! The Shiitake Mushroom Chicken is a newbie to our house but has been well received by all. I love that they are ridiculously delicious and take me less than 10 minutes to cook!  FYI one bag perfectly feeds our family of four!

Organic Brown Rice $3.49 | Orange Chicken $4.99 |Shiitake Mushroom Chicken $4.99 

For dessert...

The Cookie Butter sandwich cookies are a big hit in this house! The box lasts maybe 2 days and that's if I control myself. Oddly enough we have never tried their jar Cookie Butter but I hear its just as amazing. I just bought the Chocolate Dilemma Cheesecake and already have it on my grocery list for the next few months. Its that good! The cheesecake slices are small but incredibly filling. Last but not least are mommy's special dessert ;) The Blue Fin Pinot Noir is perfection and the Grifone Rose is a new favorite of mine!

Cookie Butter sandwich Cookies $3.99 | Cheesecake $7.99 | Grifone Rose $3.99 | Blue Fin $4.99

What are your Trader Joe's must haves? Please share in the comments below!

This is not a sponsored post! Simply products I've tried and loved!


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