our favorite girl dresses under $5

My oldest daughter Cailee loves dresses! 
A 4 year old girl that loves dresses big shocker right?!

One thing I've learned as a parent is to pick your battles! So when it comes to getting dressed for the day I let my girl pick out her outfit. No matter how silly or as mixed matched as it may be I let her go for it!

Rain or shine, she always reaches for the dresses first.

About 90% of the dresses in her closet are from H & M

For two main reasons:
(1) She loves the fun patterns
(2) I love the $4.99 price tag 

Since the weather is starting to really warm up here, I couldn't help but start looking for new dresses for Summer!

So many patterns but one great price!

Find the dresses here!

Not a sponsored post! Simply clothes we love and buy on a regular basis!


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