what's in my mommy bag

I love seeing what other moms carry in their mom/diaper bags! 
Call it being nosy but I like to think of it as research.

After the baby turned one and I didn't have to lug around a ton of formula, I started alternating my diaper bag with what I like to call my "mommy bag".
 It is nothing fancy but I sure do love my big ol' gold tote bag

As you can see in the picture above this bag is huge! 
It holds all the things I need and makes me feel just a little bit stylish.

And here you have it...a look inside!

Doesn't seem so organized but guess what I always find what I need :)

 I will try to keep this short and sweet! 

Plum Organics for Charlotte 
They are my go to food pouches! Never leave the house without at least two pouches.
Emerald natural almonds for me 
No joke having these snacks on hand keep me eating healthy at least between my Starbuck runs!
Fruitable juice box for Cailee
This is my daughter's favorite after school treat.
Gerber puffs for Charlotte
These snacks are strictly used as "backup". You know when the kid is having a level 5 meltdown!

Medibuddy First Aid Kit (I added in the Neosporin- Grandma swears by it)
 The Honest Company baby powder and face & body lotion
Mommy's favorite lip gloss, lipsticks and chap stick!

Baby girl's extra clothes and extra binky!
A reusable bag that looks like a strawberry!
Mommy's latest reading material.

What's in your mommy bag?!

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