target finds

Just like everyone else in the world I love Target. 
The merchandise just gets better and better.
I love that it is affordable and is almost like a one stop shop for me.

I have been trying to stick to a very strict budget. So today on a quick Target run for toothpaste I took snapshots of the merchandise I loved but knew I shouldn't be buying. You know in case a certain hubby wants to know what to get me for mother's day perhaps?!

I have been on the search for something to put on the wall in our entryway. I love both of these but feel like the wall mirror is more of the style I am going for in the house!

I am a sucker for pastel colors and fringe! These items would fit right into my closet!

Love love love all of these bags! If I had to pick my top two favorites it would be the fringe backpack and the olive crossbody (3rd pic)

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Have you been to Target lately?!?! What are some of your good Target finds?

Have a great week!


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