unicorn perfection

A few weeks ago we surprised the girls with a photo shoot with a real life UNICORN!!

It was the sweetest experience and I am so glad we were able to share this as a family.
Cailee has always loved unicorns and often times would ask where they live.
I am a firm believer of letting my girls believe in all things magical for as long as they possibly can. So of course that means sharing "stories" about unicorns and their origin!

To see the surprise on her face as we approached the unicorn was everything I had expected and more. I totally thought Charlotte would freak out at the sight of the unicorn but she was just as intrigued as her big sister!

We were patiently waiting to see the photos from the session and it was worth the wait. 
I won't bombard you with all the images but want to share a few of them because...
 well they are adorable!


Our family photographers are a great husband and wife duo(Sosa Photography).
You can check out their work here!

Dresses from Amazon
Floral headband for Cailee from Amazon
Floral headband for Charlotte from Claire's 


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