my easy diy lego table

After researching and gathering everything I needed (which wasn't much) I was eager to put together Cailee's Lego Table! 

It was by far the easiest DIY project ever!

What I used:
Lego Baseplates 
Velcro squares
Target Pillowfort bins

All I did was make sure the Lego baseplates were centered on top of the table and attached the velcro to the corners! Keep in mind the velcro does make the baseplates lift a tiny bit on the corners (so far it has not been an issue). 

I used velcro instead of glue because I wanted the option of taking off the baseplates without potentially damaging the table top. 

The bins add a tiny bit of color and are the perfect storage for the small space!

Considering this little project took me all but maybe 30 minutes (including assembling the table) it has already brought hours of joy for my newly turned five year old :)

To check out some of the inspiration behind this Lego table click here


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