five on friday

Happy Friday Everyone! 

This was our last week of summer vacation and we literally did nothing! Not that I am complaining because come next week I will be missing our "nothing to do" days. While we still have today to soak in all the nothingness (yes I am sure that is a word and if its not it totally should be!), I wanted to join in on the Five on Friday fun!

| one | Back in April I shared my Trader Joe's must haves, since then I have added two more to the list! The Butternut Squash Zig-Zags are delicious and a great way to add more veggies to your meals! The Riced Cauliflower is an absolute favorite of mine! I saute it with a little bit of olive oil and white pepper. When I feed it to my girls I mix it into their brown rice and they gobble it right up. 

| two | While we are on the topic of food, I wanted to share these Yummy Spoonfuls I found at Target recently! I love these for so many reasons but let's be honest it is a lifesaver. When Charlotte is hungry for the millionth time I just pop these into the microwave and voila a little healthy meal! It is made in the USA, is organic, gluten-free, and so much more! So far Charlotte has given her stamp of approval on the Pinto Beans Brown Rice & Turkey and the Lentil & Carrots! Just picked up a few new flavors today and I am pretty sure they will be big hits too!

 | three | I stopped by Carter's earlier this week to pick up some new pjs and I was sucked in. I normally contain my need to buy every cute outfit I see but this time around I gave in just a little! In my defense I had just cleaned out both of the girls dressers and they were in need of some new clothes. Everything I bought was either on clearance or on major sale (double win) so to the mommas out there looking for deals swing by Carter's! Out of all the goodies I got these two onesies(geo print bodysuit/horse bodysuit) are my favorites! 

| four | Last Friday Cailee turned the big 5 and we surprised her with a Lego Table. She loved it and put it into use right away! This easy gift was a big hit and will last her for years to come. I will share a separte post on the lego table soon :) 

| five | Cailee's 5th birthday pool party was last weekend and it was a blast! It was well over a 100 degrees but the pool kept our guest happy.  I can't wait to share more pictures soon! But for now I'll leave ya with a picture of some yummy cake!

Now I am off to enjoy our last Friday of summer vacation!


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