five on friday pet edition

Happy Friday Everyone!
If you happened to read yesterday's post than you know that we are trying to adopt a beautiful little Cocker Spaniel named Hannah!
And if you haven't already noticed I tend to get overly excited about things and start planning almost immediately.
So it only makes sense to make today's Five on Friday the pet edition :)

| one |

This personalized dog tag inspired by Lilly Pulitzer is just the cutest. This Etsy shop has so many other personalized dog tag options it is really hard to pick a favorite!

| two |

Another Etsy shop that I came across makes these dog bed pillow covers. They have four different cover sizes and even more color options! 

| three | 

I was on Pottery Barns website looking for some throw pillows and my mind wandered. Next thing I know I am looking at pet products. I found this Pet Bowl and Stand that just looks so fancy lol! Yep because dogs care what they eat out of right?!

| four | 

I was looking into dog beds and came across this bed on Amazon and thought this dog bed looks like its more comfortable than my own couch! The bed is a bit out of our price range but its too nice not to share. 

| five | 

I am all for car safety when having a pet in the vehicle but I had no idea such a product existed. Browsing on Petsmart and I came across dog car booster seats and I couldn't help but laugh! I thought I only had to worry about the girls car seats not the dog. Giggles aside I think this product is actually pretty cool and will definitely get one for our future pet! 

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All the dog parents out there I'd love to hear about your favorite dog products!

Have a great weekend everyone :)


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