It has been a long time coming that we have wanted to adopt a rescue dog. It is not a decision we have taken lightly by any means. It was very important for my husband and I that we were financially and emotionally ready to adopt a dog as a family. Now that we are finally in the groove of things as a family of four I gave the hubby the thumbs up to start searching for our dog.
Within minutes of his search he stumbled across a Facebook page for an Arizona Puggle Rescue. There she was the most beautiful dog we had ever seen. Except she wasn't a puggle at all she was a Cocker Spaniel and her name was Hannah.
Hannah was found abandoned in the middle of nowhere.
All she had on her was a t-shirt of Hannah Montana, hence her name.
A few days after she was found she had 4 beautiful puppies.
So not only was she abandoned but she was pregnant. I honestly can't believe a person could do such a thing. 
After reading her story we couldn't wait a second longer to start the adoption process. We loved her and haven't even met her yet. I truly believe we would be the perfect family for her. 
Our journey has just started to get this adoption rolling and who knows what the next few weeks will hold. But one thing I am certain of is that we would love her unconditionally. She will not be ready for adoption until the end of June but our fingers are crossed that we will be her forever family!

To learn more about the Arizona Puggle Rescue click here!
To help the rescue raise money for their expenses for Hannah and her puppies click here!

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