Oct 4, 2017

hocus pocus dani costume {easy diy}

As promised, today I am sharing how I made Cailee's Hocus Pocus "Dani" costume. 
I use the term DIY loosely because I essentially took pre-made items and turned them into what I needed. 

This costume was easy to put together but was rather time consuming. So if you are thinking of recreating this start now :)

Let's get right to it from top to bottom!

- I bought a witch hat from Target.
- I used orange felt to make a border on the brim! I used a glue gun for this! 
- I also added a mesh fabric(you only need like a scrap of it) around the base of the hat to resemble what I saw in the movie! I sewed on little pieces of plastic bead onto the mesh!

- My grandma had knit a plain black scarf for me a few years back and I used it for the costume!
- I took this colorful yarn ($3.59) and cut it in to pieces and tied them around the border of the scarf! I stuck with yellow, orange, and reds for this!

- I took this plain red shirt and cut off the neckline and made a small slit in the center. The idea was to make it look somewhat like a cape with it being sort of off the shoulder!
- I took some of the dark color yarn from above and cut little slits to make it look like you could tie the slit shut!
- I took gold felt and cut out moon and sun shapes! Than I sewed them onto the shirt! *You could glue gun them on too*
- I cut the bottom of the shirt as well in like a triangular pattern!
- She wore a black long sleeve shirt underneath.


- We had purchased a black tiered skirt a few months before because Cailee had wanted to be Vanellope von Schweetz but than changed her mind to Dani! So we got lucky because I was still able to use it!
*This is what took me the longest because I hand sewed on the accents! 
- I used these three different trims on the skirt!
- Cailee wore red tights under her skirt!


Now her costume isn't an exact replica of what Dani really wore in the movie but she loved it so much and Hocus Pocus fans knew exactly who she was ;)

I hope you find this helpful and inspires you! 
To see our family group costume all together click here!


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