mom approved one-pieces

Summer break is quickly approaching and that crazy summer heat has been gracing our presence these last few weeks! Summer is my favorite because well that means pool and beach trips are coming our way! It also means I have to find myself a new swimsuit! 

The reality is, I am still not 100% comfortable with my body! Surprise surprise I am still carrying belly weight from my last pregnancy and I have stretch marks on my sides that I don't care for. I know I shouldn't care what other people think but truth be told I could careless what they think! However I still don't want some of my insecurities exposed. Not sure if that makes any sense. 

I started looking for one-pieces because I feel like they hold "Everything" in and I actually feel good about myself when I wear them. 

I hate saying "mom approved" because obviously anyone can wear one-pieces not just moms. But for the sack that I am a mom and I love all these suits makes it "mom approved"!

All of these suits have great details in their design that don't make them feel like those boring one-pieces from back in the day! 

I found these three from Forever 21 and they are all under $25!

These three are from Old Navy and they are all on sale today!

I love them all but honestly only need one! So the winner is the Old Navy swim suit with the ruffle!!!

Can't wait to head to the beach in this little number :)


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