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Happy Friday Everyone!

To all the mommies out there Happy Mother's Day weekend!
 I hope you get to spend it with the ones you love.

Now to my Five on Friday...

| one |

I know my mom is far to busy this weekend to catch up on her blog reads so I am in the clear to share! I wanted to get my mom something she could get great use out of and really enjoy! Back in March I decided to give the Scentsy bars a try over the regular candles I buy at Target! Boy am I glad I did! For one I was supporting a fellow friend in her business venture. Second the Scentsy bars fragrances worked way better than any candles I've ever bought! I just knew my mom would love the fragrances and getting her a pretty warmer was just the right gift for Mother's Day! There were so many warmers to choose from but I went with the top left(in the picture below). I got her the avocado sea salt fragrance and I bought it for myself too! I swear it makes your house smell like a spa, making for the most relaxing atmosphere ever!

| two |

I've been breaking out on my face lately, which sucks considering I am almost thirty! The other day on a Target run I came across some face masks! I figure hell why not try something new and see if it works! The masks range from $1.99 to $2.99! I am so excited to try them and the girls are excited to see me with funny stuff on my face win and win!

| three |

I have been using Hello Fresh for the last couple of weeks and am loving it! I hate figuring out what to make for dinner each night! With Hello Fresh I don't have to decide what to make and I don't have to go shopping for the ingredients. We have been able to try new things and I have actually enjoyed cooking the meals. Following the recipe and pictures makes me feel like a chef! The biggest draw back for me is that my kids really don't like the meals we have gotten, so I've needed to make them things separately. Regardless its been great for the hubby and I to enjoy new meals together without having to go out for it! 
If you are interested in trying Hello Fresh I can give out 3 freebie meals to people that have not tried it before! Leave your email in the comments below and I'll send it your way!
*I don't make a commission on the Hello Fresh "freebie" meals I get to send out*

| four |

My 30th birthday is quickly approaching and I have decided to throw myself a Harry Potter themed party! To say I am excited is an understatement! I have already started working on my invitations and ordered custom cookies! I am still figuring out decor but am getting tons of inspiration from Kara's Party Ideas! Sharing a few of my favorites...

| five |

In the spirit of Mother's Day I leave you with a few things I've seen this past week that have made me giggle!

Have a great weekend everyone! And make sure to link up with some of my favorite bloggers for Five on Friday!


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