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Two days into the new year and I am finally ready to jot down my goals for 2017.

Using the term "goal" instead of resolutions just makes it feel more attainable in my opinion if that makes sense. In the past I have made a list of goals for each new year and have successfully completed about 80% of my goals. So the word goal is pretty much here to stay.

Now that we got the goals vs resolutions out of the way, here is the list!

1. Go on at least one kid free date with the hubby a month.
- and we already have a wish list of new locations we can't wait to check out yay I am so excited for this goal!

- I am a big fan of the movie and just recently found out that it was based on a book (yep apparently I've been living under a rock).

3. Take more photos with me actually in them.
- I've become a pro at avoiding photos because "oh I don't have makeup on" or "I haven't done my hair" but in years from now I am gonna kick myself in the butt for it.

4. Dress up
- I need to give my sweats a break and actually wear all the clothes I am hoarding in my closet. 

5. Keep a plant alive for more than two weeks.
- I have been wanting to start a vegetable or herb garden for the longest time. However every time I attempt this my little seed sprouts I get ridiculously excited and than I completely forget about. I have decided to start with something easy. Perhaps an herb I can use often. If you have an recommendations seriously pass it my way!

6. Learn to do my own makeup
- And I don't mean by watching a YouTube tutorial because even though I love them and could watch all day for the life of me I can never get it right.

and last but not least

7. Throw a Harry Potter themed party for my 30th birthday in June!
- Yes you absolutely read that correctly and it literally makes me giddy just thinking about it!

Cheers to a new year and new goals!


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