room parent {easy end of year gift for the kiddos}

With the school year coming to an end so is my time as room parent. 
I wanted to give the kids a special end of the year gift, that could also serve as a keepsake!
I thought long and hard about this even though you could say its a no brainer.

A class photo was the best keepsake option for the kids and for their parents! Double win!!

I found these rectangle unfinished frames for less than $1 at Walmart. I already had the paint and permanent marker needed for this little project. It really does pay to stock up on arts and crafts items ;)

During Charlotte's nap time I was able to paint all 17 frames and believe it or not they only need one coat of paint. 

I added the school name(edited out of photo) on top of the frame and class year at the bottom.

I got the sand buckets at the Dollar Tree and the frames fit perfectly inside! I also added bubbles and a bag of snacks!

The other TK room parent and I coordinated so all our kiddos would get their end of the year gifts together!

These gifts were a big hit with both the kids and their parents!

Not really sure how I will top this next year but I can't wait to try ;)


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