five on friday

Our week went by so slow but so quick at the same time(if that even makes sense). This week has been so great on so many levels and I really can't wait to share with you all! So lets get to my five stat!
- one -
I signed up both girls for their Summer activities and we are all so excited about it! My 4 year old will be enjoying soccer and I even scored her some cleats on clearance at Payless(seriously who knew and the reviews have been so great on them). My 1 year old and I will be attending a "mommy and me" dance class! I am currently tracking down small enough tap shoes for her! Seriously can't wait to get her a little dance outfit! I found the cutest leotards on Etsy that I am highly considering getting for Charlotte!
- two -
I was treated to a fabulous Mani and Pedi by my mom as a late Mother's Day gift and boy was it heavenly. The picture doesn't do it justice at all but I love the mint color so much!
- three -
I am a big Carter's fan for clothes for my little ones. I constantly get coupons from them and always put them to good use! The clothes are cute and affordable which are two qualities I can appreciate! My youngest even made her way onto their website! There are so many cuties on the website but seeing your own when your scrolling thru is always so fun.
Charlotte is in the yellow ;)
 - four -
Friday's are typically the day we eat out as a treated for making it thru the week! Today however I am making my go to absolutely could eat the whole thing by myself Classic Chicken Pot Pie! I got the recipe from Pillsbury website over a year ago and so glad I did! It tastes delicious and is so quick to put together people would never now that it only took you about 25 minutes to make!
- five -
I saved the best for last! This week I got an email from my daughter's principal informing me that I was nominated for PTO Secretary! I honestly couldn't believe it! I may have completely overreacted and even shed a tear or two but hey that's just the kind of person I am! Whether I win or lose I am just so excited that someone thought of me for the job! A little fun fact but my sister is the Secretary for the PTO at my nieces school! How cool would that be both her and I as Secretaries :) Our mother would be so proud lol
Make sure to join in on the link up fun with all the girls!
And just like that we are sailing into the weekend on such a high note!
 I already got the wine and movie ready for tonight, because you better believe we are celebrating ;)
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