Barnes and Noble Kids' Club

I am a lover of books and luckily so are my girls!

Although I don't get much time to enjoy a great new book, I always make time to read to my little ones. 

So it has become a part of our routine to visit Barnes and Noble on our spare time!
Those rare weekend days when we have absolutely nothing to do, you can always find us in the kids section of B&N.

The thing I love most about B&N(and something not many people know about), is their Kids' Club program!

Okay so I am letting you in on one of their best kept secrets! 

This program is absolutely FREE!

Sign up online or in the store(in the kids section)!

Once you sign up you will receive:

- A plastic membership card.
- A one time 30% off coupon on any one kid's book or toy for your child.
- A $5 reward for every $100 you spend on kids' stuff online and in the stores!
- A free cupcake from their cafe for all your children's birthdays.

How awesome is this?!?! 

I mean after all your going to be buying your kiddos books anyways right?? Might as well get some kind of rewards back!! 

Now its off to the book store we go, wish me luck I am two kids deep and have no back up!


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