five on friday: living room style

We moved into our home in August of 2014 and we have yet to really make this house of ours really feel like home. When we moved in I was pregnant with Charlotte and had no desire to decorate a house. Not to mention that the hubby and I couldn't really agree on what look we were going for. Since I am the type of person that rather have nothing up then putting things up just for the hell of it. Brings us to my big goal for 2016. Making our house feel like home! 

Our living room has been the room that has given us the most grief, so obviously it is the first room I want to tackle in this decorating adventure.

So for this Five on Friday I have decided to share my top five living room style inspirations!

Here is what our living room looked like on move in day! 

Now tell me, which inspiration do you think would work best in our living room? I am leaning towards the first inspiration but love the colors in the fifth inspiration. Ahh I swear I will make a decision soon enough!


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