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10 things I am thankful for in no particular order.

[ one ] The ten extra minutes of sleep I get in the morning after snoozing my alarm. Yep I am quite the rebel.
[ two ] The Halloween candy I have hidden in my closest. 
[ three ] Netflix for making it possible for me to binge watch Scandal! I am new to the Scandal series but am already addicted.
[ four ] The hot lunches I occasionally order for my daughters lunch! I don't think they will ever truly understand how much easier they make my mornings.
[ five ] The cashier at Ralph's that always offers to check me out in the express lane because he sees I have the girls with me.  
[ six ] Our coffeemaker and wine opener neither have ever let me down.
[ seven ] The money I randomly find when doing laundry. It's like winning the lottery.
[ eight ] When the hubby says he'll cook dinner. It's the little things people!
[ nine ] The clearance section at Target. If it weren't for that little section I probably would never buy myself clothes. 
[ ten ] The rare moment when my daughter lets me eat her Chick Fil A waffle fries after I completely devour mine within seconds. It's shameful I know but I have yet to practice my self control.

All joking aside I am truly thankful for my little family! I have been truly blessed with the best husband/best friend and two little girls that constantly push me to be the best version of myself. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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