school week { first day of school coloring books }

Two things.

I knew two things leading up to the first day of school.
One...I wanted to make some sort of goodies for the kids to celebrate their first day of school.
Two...Whatever it was needed to be something I could whip up quickly.

I was not completely familiar with the school's policies on treats at this point so I knew any type of food item was out of the question.

So the next best thing was to make a fun little coloring book!

I searched all over Pinterest for ideas and possibly even some free printables. After about an hour of searching and finding nothing I really liked I decided to make my own using Photoshop (its me and you to the very end Photoshop). 

It took me a good 20 minutes to design the coloring book pulling from different free web coloring page images. 

The final product was adorable and completely customized for the kiddos. 

The teacher's classroom theme is cute little monsters, so I definitely wanted to incorporate that in the coloring book. Each page added details like the teacher's name, the school name, what classroom they are in, and all the fun things they will learn and do. 

And if you were wondering they indeed were well received :) 
(insert happy momma dance here)

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