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Do you ever find yourself  starting a project(a pretty unnecessary one at that) that completely takes over your life until its complete?!? Yep that was me a few days ago! 

The hubby had a day off and offered to watch the girls so I could get some much needed rest. So as you can already tell I didn't get much rest but at least my pinterest board looks all sorts of pretty(priorities people!). 

Don't get me wrong this was probably a big waste of time but I can't help but love how much more organized my board looks. 

Much to my surprise I am not the only person out there that loves a good looking pinterest board. Leigh from has a great tutorial on making your own pinterest board covers!

I made mine on photoshop(only because it's my go to program). 
I used my favorite Lilly Pulitizer print and photoshop clipping mask tool to create the cover boards. 

 I must say I am pretty darn happy with the results.

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