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I knew I wanted to be a room parent for Cailee's class way before she even started school(like since before she was even born). So you better believe I was counting down the days until it was time to sign up. I did everything that was required to be a room parent and turned in my paperwork a whole month before school started. What can I say I am quite persistent when I really want something. 

As much as I wanted this opportunity I knew there could be a possibility that I wouldn't be chosen and that was fine with me too. Regardless if I got the "job" or not I promised that I would help out as much as I could. 

So when I got the email saying I was selected to be room parent I was overjoyed. Yep I called my husband, mom and sister to inform them of the big news they knew I was anxiously awaiting. You would have thought I won the lottery or something. In all honesty these kind of things are such a big deal to me. 

The night I found out I was room parent I went straight to work on my special "room parent binder". After all I would be attending a meeting that same week and I wanted to be prepared. I couldn't help myself, when I get excited about something I go into a 110%. 

After all I have two little ones that are watching every move I make. I want them to grow up knowing that if they want something or commit to something they need to give it their all. 

I busted out all my tips and tricks from my secret board on Pinterest and came up with the cutest room parent binder ever (so says my daughter). 

Take a peek...

The Cover

The binder is divided into several different categories including:
- Parent Contact List
- Classroom Information
- Student Birthday Charts
-Yearly Calendar
- Classroom Events (Month by Month)
- Party Planning
So far my duties as room parent have included things like cutting out letters for their bulletin boards, reminding parents of current fundraisers and making name tag necklaces. 

But I cannot wait for all the fun events coming up during the year!

Some of my favorite go to websites for room parent ideas are:

Thanks for tuning in to School Week !!

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  1. This is the CUTEST!
    Do you happen to have a printable download available?


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