I'm a keeper

Happy Friday Everyone! 

My Friday is starting off with a Big Bang! Why you ask?!

Well last night I took a big and very unexpected leap of faith and joined Keep Collective!

I am a keeper :) 

Okay what is Keep Collective and what do we do?

From their website...

We create MEANINGFUL jewelry to help you tell your UNIQUE STORY. Our community of KEEP Designers earn an income selling and personalizing KEEPSAKES just for you."

It was a decision I literally made out of nowhere and within minutes I was in contact with a girlfriend I know that is also a Keeper!

I joined last night and have already had an amazing time designing Keeps!! The design possibilities are truly endless and its the best way to be creative for me!

And now I'm a small shop owner!!! How awesome is that :)

Will I become the next Bill Gates with this business?!? Who knows! but I get to tap into my creative side and work during nap time! Win and Win!

So in celebration of Five on Friday I will share with you all 5 pieces I have designed this morning!!

| one |

I call this one "royal Disney mom" and I will definitely be rocking this at Disneyland! To buy this exact one click here ---> https://keepcollective.com/m/6bl01

| two | 

"mom with sparkles" was designed with the help of my almost six year old, with every intention of gifting it to grandma! To buy this exact one clicl here ---> https://keepcollective.com/m/0p1ml 

| three |

I designed this one for myself and think its so pretty! It represents my youngest baby girl! 
To buy this exact one (you can change the engrave at checkout) click here ---> https://keepcollective.com/m/7z3on

 | four |

My friend just had a baby boy and I was totally thinking of her when I designed this beauty! Boy moms will love this! To buy this exact one you can click here ---> https://keepcollective.com/m/yk77x

| five |

For the teacher in your life this is the perfect gift! To buy this exact one click here ---> https://keepcollective.com/m/g3b5g 

There are so many charms and bracelets to choose from the possibilities are truly endless!! Do you want a design mockup? Comment below and I would be happy to help you get a KEEP :) 


Find me on Instagram @prettyluckycharms!

Giveaways are coming your way soon :)

Are you a Keeper too?!? Would love to meet you, leave you info in the comments :)


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  1. Congrats. Can't wait to hear more.


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