Happy Friday Everyone!

Another week down and another week closer to the new year! 

On this Five on Friday, I wanted to share five products I absolutely love and use religiously!

A little back story first!

I was introduced to Arbonne by a mommy friend over the summer and after my initial hesitation, I fell in love with the products!

In a nutshell Arbonne offers premium botanically-based health, beauty, and wellness products that are gluten free, vegan certified, non-GMO, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and toxin-free. 

So let's get to my top 5 favorite Arbonne products, so far ;)

| one |

I am a lover of coffee especially in the morning when I am dragging myself out of bed! However more times than none my body just can't handle coffee anymore I always feel sick after wards! Sad I know! I was so hesitant about these energy fizz sticks because I was convinced I would get the "shakes" after drinking it! I was soooo wrong. I drink one in the morning and still feel great come 1pm when I would normally be begging for a nap! I highly recommend this over coffee any day!

| two |

I am not proud of this but I am a notorious meal skipper! I don't do it on purpose but sometimes I am just to busy to eat. And what ends up happening come dinner is a crazy amount of eating. These protein shakes have been a lifesaver for me! I blend mine up with water, almond butter, and a banana. It is seriously the best shake I've ever had! I am so excited to try out some new recipes! The shakes also come in chocolate which I am so eager to try too!

| three |

These fit chews are designed to curb your appetite! When I would run errands throughout the day I would grab a snickers bar and that would be my snack! Let's just say my waste line is loving these fit chews! There are other flavors to choose from but the caramel is hands down my favorite. Feels like I am eating candy without feeling guilty!

| four |

So I have pretty much come to terms that I am getting older! Its funny how you start noticing the way your body changes. Lets just say I miss my 21 year old body that had a beyond great metabolism and digestive system. TMI or whatever! But let me tell ya something this daily fiber boost is a necessity! I add it to my protein shake and it doing my body good!

| five |

Lastly is my personal lifesaver! This school year my kiddos have gotten sick a handful of times and it sucks! I drink a pack once every week and it is totally paying off! Trust me this momma can't get sick so this is a must!

If you have any favorite products you think I should try please shoot me an email or leave a comment below!

Cheers to a very busy weekend!


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